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Screenshot of the new functional schedule web page

New Functional Schedule for State Agencies

Visit our records management blog to learn more about the new way that the state agency records schedule is being created and organized.

The G.S. 132 Files

The State Archives of North Carolina is happy to announce the culmination of an innovative years-long project.  As of December 2017, state agency officials have just one 16-part retention and disposition schedule to assist them in the management of their public records: the Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies. This revamped schedule will supersede both the General Schedule for State Agency Records and the program-specific schedules that state agencies have relied on until now.

In 2015, the Records Analysis Unit of the Government Records Section at the State Archives of North Carolina (SANC) began a project to revamp the retention and disposition schedules for state agencies in North Carolina.  Our overarching goals of the project were to simplify records retention, make the assignment of records dispositions more transparent, and ensure the retention of records with permanent value, either within the creating agency or at the State Archives, which…

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State Agency Schedules

Those of you who have visited the Government Records Branch web site recently will have noticed that we are updating their layout, which is reason enough to celebrate. But the really exciting news is that there is a new site for state agency schedules. Instead of having to select an agency and then browse through a long list of PDFs, you now have various options including my favorite, “search by keywords,” which allows you to do a Google-type search of the schedules.

For those of you who are interested in record schedules, the Government Records Branch also has schedules for colleges in the University of North Carolina system and for counties and municipalities.