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War of 1812 Vouchers Online

The War of 1812 pay vouchers are now available online through our Digital Collections. There are approximately 4,700 vouchers representing 31 counties. The vast majority of the vouchers were issued for military service by detached militia, either those called out to defend the coast in 1813 or companies ordered to rendezvous at Wadesboro in 1815. A few vouchers were issued for supplies or services rendered, such as carpenters and blacksmiths. Vouchers typically provide the name, rank, county, commander, and sum of payment for each soldier. The vouchers were issued and signed by the governor and redeemed by the state treasurer. When a voucher was redeemed, it was cancelled by punching a hole through it. Occasionally, all or part of the name or other important information is obscured. When searching this collection, keep in mind that misspellings or alternate spellings of last names were common. First names were often abbreviated so that Benjamin, Charles, and Alexander become Benjn., Chs., and Alexr. Researchers interested in locating an ancestor who served in North Carolina during the war should also visit the State Archives search room to view muster rolls, account books, and pay and receipt rolls that provide information about individual soldiers. Check out this circular for more about War of 1812 materials at the State Archives.

For those interested in military history, we are pleased to announce that our collection of World War II posters has been completely cataloged and scanned, and will soon be appearing in our Digital Collections.