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Construction at the Library/Archives Building

Due to the ongoing construction project, the primary accessible entrance has been temporarily closed. Patrons can be dropped off at the loading zone along Blount St. and access the building from the back side (north end) of the building. The other option is to be dropped off in the gravel lot behind the building, but due to the gravel, that may be a difficult route for someone in a wheelchair.

Once you arrive at the back door, please call the Security Desk at (919) 807-7383 for assistance and someone will meet you here to help you into the building.

If there is no answer, please call (919) 807-7476 or (919) 807-7475 for assistance.

Thank you for your patience while the plaza is being renovated.

Photos of the Reopened Search Room

In case you’ve missed it in the holiday hubbub, the Search Room is now open to researchers. For those of you who have not been able to drop by yet to see the renovated space, here are some photographs taken by our photographer Alan Westmoreland on December 3rd.

The new Search Room desk.

View of the Search Room.

View of the Search Room, looking from the map cases toward the Microfilm Room.

Search Room Closure Extended

Due to continuing construction, the Search Room will not open on October 23rd as previously scheduled. Unfortunately we do not currently have any information on when the new opening date will be, but we will open as soon as possible and will post notices on the building, the website, and the blog as soon as we have any new information.

We regret any new inconveniences this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Photographs of the Search Room and More

As the State Archives staff continues packing for the move to their new spaces, our photographer Alan Westmoreland sent me these photographs of the nearly completed Search Room and Iconographics Unit.

View of the Search Room desk

View of the Search Room Desk.

View of the back of the Search Room

View of the back of the Search Room.

Iconographics room

View of the future home of the Iconographics/Non-Textual Materials Unit.

Dates for the Search Room Move

The Search Room will be closed from September 24 – October 22 in order to move back to its permanent location on the second floor of the Library and Archives building. Until that time, the Search Room will be open in its temporary space; see this notice for more information regarding the temporary Search Room and Microfilm Room.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update on the Search Room Renovation

It has been a while since we had any photographs to show you of the renovation progress in the Search Room. But, thanks to our photographer Alan Westmoreland, we have a few today:

Search Room entrance

View of new Search Room entrance.

View inside the Search Room

View inside the Search Room as the renovations continue.

Looking North towards the stacks

Looking north towards the entrance to the stacks.

Looking northwest from the Search Room entrance

Looking northwest from the Search Room entrance.