State Archives Website Refresh

Changes have finally arrived for the State Archives of North Carolina website! Our staff has been working with IT professionals on the website redesign for the past several months and we are excited to announce its launch on Thursday afternoon, November 16.


A preview of the new website’s landing page.

This transition is part of the Digital Commons Project, an initiative that delivers a more consistent and intuitive experience for citizens who interact with state government on the web and mobile devices. Digital Commons includes the redesign and re-architecture of State agency websites in an effort to create a uniform look and feel.

Utilizing the Drupal open source content management platform (CMS), the new website will present a more streamlined experience across all devices, provide a less cluttered navigational experience, and allow us to create and manage a variety of different content types.

You may already be familiar with these upcoming changes from the State Library’s newly redesigned website; be sure to visit for a better look at the site’s new features.

We appreciate your patience with us through this process as we transition to a new online platform. We look forward to the completion of this project and we welcome and encourage any feedback you may have about the design, navigation, responsiveness, or any other technical issues that you may encounter once the new website goes live.


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