Mecklenburg County Tax Records

The Imaging Unit of the State Archives of North Carolina has just completed imaging and creating microfilm for some Mecklenburg County tax records.  The twenty-eight new reels of microfilm have been added to the security vault and a reading copy of the microfilm has been placed in the public search room for public use.

The material includes [reel number and years]:

065.70033 Tax Scrolls Aaron – Dross 1955
065.70034 Tax Scrolls Drum – Keenan 1955
065.70035 Tax Scrolls Keene – Rigg 1955
065.70036 Tax Scrolls Riggins – Zurich 1955
065.70037 Tax Scrolls Corporations and Outside School Adm. Unit A-Z 1955
065.70038 Tax Scrolls Late Personals and Late Personal Corporations, A-Z 1955
065.70039 Tax Scrolls Inside: Aaron – Downing 1955
065.70040 Tax Scrolls Inside: Downs – Kaperonis 1955
065.70041 Tax Scrolls Inside: Kaplan – Rhyne 1955
065.70042 Tax Scrolls Inside: Rhynes – Zurich 1955
065.70043 Tax Scrolls Inside: Corportaion, Selwyn Park and Late Returns, A-Z 1955
065.70044 Tax Scrolls Outside: Vol. A-K; Allison – Goodgame 1955
065.70045 Tax Scrolls Outside: Vols. A-K, L-Z; Corporation Goodin-Neal, Roosevelt 1955
065.70046 Tax Scrolls Outside: Vol. L-Z; Corporation Neal, Ross – American Oil Company 1955
065.70047 Tax Scrolls Outside: Vol. L-Z; Corporation AT&T – J.L. Coe Construction Company 1955
065.70048 Tax Scrolls City: Aaron – Cobb, Joe 1960
065.70049 Tax Scrolls City: Cobb, Lloyd – Grier, Caddie 1960
065.70050 Tax Scrolls City: Grier, Carey – Klutts 1960
065.70051 Tax Scrolls City: Labhart – Ozment 1960
065.70052 Tax Scrolls City: Pace – Stewart, Clyde 1960
065.70053 Tax Scrolls City: Stewart, David – Zwk 1960
065.70054 Tax Scrolls City Corporations: A&A Furniture Company – Rubbermaid, Inc. 1960
065.70055 Tax Scrolls City Corporations: S Block Company – Corporation Summary 1960
065.70056 Tax Scrolls County: Aaron – Gibson, Paul 1960
065.70057 Tax Scrolls County: Gibson, Robert – McGee, Carl 1960
065.70058 Tax Scrolls County: McGee, Clyde – Williams, Fontie 1960
065.70059 Tax Scrolls County: Williams, Fred – Zrolka 1960
065.70060 Tax Scrolls Late Returns, Corporations, Outside: A-Z; Abernathy – Corp. Outside Totals 1960
To use microfilm please come to the main registration desk at the State Archives.  Once registered, a Reference Archivist can assist you in locating and using microfilm. To order duplicate reels of microfilm in Diazo, Silver Halide, or digital format contact Chris Meekins at

The Imaging Unit is in the middle of a small project for tax records.  As we complete more imaging projects, we will post the completed projects information.  We in the Imaging Unit hope that you the researcher will find these projects useful.