Onslow County Tax Records

The Imaging Unit of the State Archives of North Carolina has just completed imaging and creating microfilm for some Onslow County tax records.  The thirty-five new reels of microfilm have been added to the security vault and a reading copy of the microfilm has been placed in the public search room for public use.

The material includes [reel number and years]:
c.072.70002 Tax Scrolls 1925 1 vol.
c.072.70003 Tax Scrolls 1926 1 vol.
c.072.70004 Tax Scrolls 1927 1 vol.
c.072.70005 Tax Scrolls 1928 1 vol.
c.072.70006 Tax Scrolls 1929 1 vol.
c.072.70007 Tax Scrolls 1930 1 vol.
c.072.70008 Tax Scrolls 1931 1 vol.
c.072.70009 Tax Scrolls 1932 1 vol.
c.072.70010 Tax Scrolls 1933 1 vol.
c.072.70011 Tax Scrolls 1934 1 vol.
c.072.70012 Tax Scrolls 1935 1 vol.
c.072.70013 Tax Scrolls 1936 1 vol.
c.072.70014 Tax Scrolls 1937 1 vol.
c.072.70015 Tax Scrolls 1938 1 vol.
c.072.70016 Tax Scrolls 1939 1 vol.
c.072.70017 Tax Scrolls 1940 1 vol.
c.072.70018 Tax Scrolls 1945 1 vol.
c.072.70019 Tax Scrolls 1946 1 vol.
c.072.70020 Tax Scrolls 1947 1 vol.
c.072.70021 Tax Scrolls 1954 1 vol.
c.072.70022 Tax Scrolls 1955 Jacksonville: A&B Grocerita – Richlands: Hobbs, Acy Robert
c.072.70023 Tax Scrolls 1955 Richlands: Hobbs, Beatrice Davis – White Oak: Parker, R.L.
c.072.70024 Tax Scrolls 1955 White Oak: Parker, R. Nick – Grand Recap (end)
c.072.70025 Tax Scrolls 1960 Jacksonville: A1 Cleaners – Jacksonville: Afterlife
c.072.70026 Tax Scrolls 1960 Jacksonville: recap of White – Swansboro (white): Warren, William Pittman
c.072.70027 Tax Scrolls 1960 Swansboro(white): Warylk, Henry – grand recap (end)
c.072.70028 Tax Scrolls 1970 Corp. Excess & grand recap – Jacksonville: Pulley, Annie Rice
c.072.70029 Tax Scrolls 1970 Jacksonville: Pulley, Talmadge – Stump Sound: Proctor, Henry E.
c.072.70030 Tax Scrolls 1970 Stump Sound: Prouty, Roland A. – Richlands: Williams, Herman
c.072.70031 Tax Scrolls 1970 Richlands: Williams, H.L. Lloyd – Swansboro: grand recap (end)
c.072.70032 Tax Scrolls 1975 Recap All Townships – Jacksonville: Mead, William E.
c.072.70033 Tax Scrolls 1975 Jacksonville: Meadows, Billy G. – Jacksonville: Wainwright Transfer Co.
c.072.70034 Tax Scrolls 1975 Jacksonville: Walton Jewelers, Inc. – Stump Sound: Glover Sales, Inc.
c.072.70035 Tax Scrolls 1975 Stump Sound: Golden Acres, Inc. – White Oak: Padgett, C. M.
c.072.70036 Tax Scrolls 1975 White Oak: Painte, Virginia R. – Swansboro: Grand Recap (end)

To use microfilm please come to the main registration desk at the State Archives.  Once registered, a Reference Archivist can assist you in locating and using microfilm. To order duplicate reels of microfilm in Diazo, Silver Halide, or digital format contact Chris Meekins at chris.meekins@ncdcr.gov.
The Imaging Unit is in the middle of a small project for tax records.  As we complete more imaging projects, we will post the completed projects information.  We in the Imaging Unit hope that you the researcher will find these projects useful.