Digital Duplication of Microfilm: Improving Access to the State Archives’ Collections

As part of our ongoing goal of developing new tools to improve access to the State Archives’ collections, the Imaging Unit of the State Archives is excited to offer a new service in the duplication of microfilm.   In addition to the traditional Diazo and Silver Halide duplication services the Imaging Unit can now offer a digital copy of microfilm.

We have been testing this new service for a while – making sure we can offer a quality product in a timely manner.  The results are in and we are ready to feature that service as a duplication option.

Imagine the viewing of microfilmed county or state agency records made as easy as slipping a DVD into your computer and clicking on an image.  No need to track down a microfilm reader or reader printer.  No need to get dressed to go out in public.  All you need to do is insert the DVD into your computer, open the DVD folder and click on the image.  From the comfort of your home office, with all your working files near at hand, you can view digital duplicates of original records.

Think how easy it will be to copy and attach evidence pages to your research work – or how easy it will be to share that research and evidence.  Do you having trouble reading the small lettering when using a microfilm reader? Digital duplication makes it easier to expand the image to a size that you can easily read.  Digital duplication offers new solutions for researching and for sharing your findings.

You may order digital copies of microfilm while visiting the Archives by asking for the service at the main reference desk.  You may also order digital copies by contacting Chris Meekins, Imaging Unit Head, at either or by phone at 919.807.7333.  You may also contact Chris for lists of microfilm in the holdings of the State Archives of North Carolina. [Please note that there is no single listing of the microfilm holdings in the Archives.

When contacting the Chris Meekins requesting microfilm listings please have an area of research in mind – for example, a listing of county records for Gates County; a list of newspapers for Wake County.  There are 100 active and 5 defunct counties that have microfilm copies of records. See for holdings of county records on microfilm.

The new service is offered at the rate of $15.00 per reel of microfilm scanned.  There is also a $1.00 DVD fee.  If you are able to pick up the digital duplication from the State Archives your total fee would be the $16.00 (scan and DVD).  The Imaging Unit can also mail the digital copy to you for an additional $2.00 for shipping and handling per order.

The standard digital service is offered at 300 DPI in a JPEG format.  If you have other format needs (TIF  for example) contact Chris.  Formats other than JPEG may require additional DVD fees.

We look forward to completing your requests for digital copies.

For duplication costs of various formats please see our information located here:

See the section for microfilm for the Imaging Unit services.

Please note: Patron may be charged for Diazo duplicate reel if there is not a reading copy of microfilm to use for the digitization duplication.