Haynes Family Papers, 1869-1972

[This blog post was written by Fran Tracy-Walls, Private Manuscripts Archivist in the Special Collections Section.]

Since 1972 the Haynes Family Papers, 1869-1972, PC.1476, have been part of the Private Collections of the State Archives. Most users of the collection have requested it probably because of the family’s connection to Chang and Eng Bunker, famed Siamese twins who settled in Mount Airy and died there in 1874. (See Siamese Twins Papers, PC.916 and Joffre Bunker Collection, PC.374.)

Recently I revised the arrangement of the Haynes papers, rewrote the finding aid, and applied first-level conservation measures to extend the life of the photographs and other papers in this fascinating though small collection. It would surely be a great service to future researchers if any or many of Haynes and Bunker descendants would donate more materials to expand the range and awareness of this already varied collection.

Most people familiar with this collection know that Zacharias William Haynes (1848-1900) was once a student, then a teacher in the state school for the deaf at Raleigh (called during that era North Carolina Deaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum). Many even know that he was married to Louisa (1855-1934), a daughter of Chang and Adelaide Yates Bunker, who was deaf from birth.

A less known fact is that of the nine children born to Zach and Louisa, four daughters became teachers of the deaf. Zach and three of the daughters transferred to the new school for the deaf, which opened in Morganton, October of 1894. The fourth sister, Alice Haynes, later married to Harvey P. Grow, taught at the Kentucky School for the Deaf for 55 years, retiring in 1944. One of the sisters, Carrie Haynes, a long-term teacher at Morganton, also taught during the early 1920s at the Ontario School for the Deaf, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

Who can accurately date the year and model of the school bus below? A bonus question In recognition of public schools reopening recently, when did school buses become yellow?


School bus for the N.C. School for the Deaf, PC.1476, Haynes Family Papers

School bus for the N.C. School for the Deaf, PC.1476, Haynes Family Papers, Photographs series.