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Ever wonder about the intricacies of a North Carolina Senate session? Want to find out what was discussed prior to the passing of a certain bill? Now you can through the newly uploaded Senate audio hosted via the Internet Archive. Links to each legislation day are available through the North Carolina Digital Collection website under, Senate Audio. Audio files can either be streamed online or downloaded for listener convenience. This collection currently provides access to almost 300 days from 2006 through 2010. Recordings made prior to 2006 are held at the State Archives and made available through a fee-based, digitization-on-demand basis. More Senate-related materials can also be found in the Archives including the Senate Clerk’s Office journals (SR 66.28) which provide the daily minutes from 1777-1981.

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    The State Archives of North Carolina holds the audio of North Carolina Senate’s daily legislative sessions from 1977-2012 (SA 66.25, Item 1511). The 2006-2010 sessions are now available online. Read Kevin’s post for links and additional information.

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