Audio Visual Materials Archivist Receives Professional Appointment

[This blog post was written by Donna Kelly, Head of the Special Collections Section.]

Kim Andersen, Audio Visual Materials Archivist with the State Archives, has been appointed Communications Coordinator for the Society of American Archivists Visual Materials Section. This position manages the dissemination of VM Section news and information via variety of media including:

  • Views: The Newsletter of the Visual Materials Section
  • website
  • Social media, including the Visual Materials Section Facebook page and Twitter account
  • VISUALMAT,  VMS, and other e-mail listservs

Kim is a North Carolina native with academic degrees from North Carolina State University and has worked in the Department of Cultural Resources since 1988 in several capacities both with the State Archives and State Library.  Since 2005 she has overseen the AV Materials Unit in Special Collections in the State Archives.  Kim has been a member of SAA for over 20 years, active with the VM Section since 2003, and is thrilled to be able finally to give back to this professional organization that has given her so much over the course of her career.