Health and Leisure Records in the Archive

[This blog post was written by Ruth Cody, an archivist with the Records Description Unit of the Government Records Section. ]

State Board of Health nurse doing health inspections in a Cleveland County school, call number PhC_41_191_3

State Board of Health nurse doing health inspections in a Cleveland County school (undated). Call number: PhC_41_191_3. Learn more about this item on the State Archives Flickr account:

October is Archives Month, and this year the Society of North Carolina Archivists has chosen the theme “North Carolina at Play: Health and Leisure in our State.” The State Archives has many diverse records in their collections that attest to the importance of health and leisure in the lives of North Carolinians. A select few from our collections are on display in the search room until the end of October. State Agency records include photographs and pamphlets from the State Board of Health about the role of exercise in the prevention of disease, materials from the Department of Public Instruction talking about the importance of physical education in school curriculum, and photographs from Samarcand Manor showing outdoor and physical recreation as a component of rehabilitation. Organization records include a tea towel from the North Carolina Chapter of the American Lung Association, an organization founded to fight tuberculosis. Military records include a school scrapbook from Scotland County depicting the motto “America needs healthy boys and girls for defense.” There are also many photographs from the Audio Visuals Materials Unit depicting the role of physical exercise and health in the schools and the community. All of these materials and more speak to the important role that health and leisure has played in the community, the government, and the culture of North Carolina and its people from as early as 1910 to the present. Come by and check them out today.