Home Movie Day Spotlights Families, Communities and Roadtrips!

[This press release comes from Kim Andersen, Audio Visual Materials Archivist in the Special Collections Section of the State Archives of North Carolina.]

Home Movie Day Spotlights Families,
Communities and Roadtrips!

It’s a Social Event…Bring Films, Watch Films and Play Bingo!

Raleigh, NC – Home Movie Day Raleigh will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2014
from 1:00-4:00pm in the auditorium at the State Archives of North Carolina, 109
East Jones Street, Raleigh. The event is free and parking is available around the
Archives. This year’s event is sponsored by the Film Studies Program at NCSU, the
State Archives of North Carolina and A/V Geeks Transfer Services. Participants spend the afternoon watching amateur films and win prizes playing Home Movie Day bingo.

Members of the public are invited to bring in cinematic artifacts of their personal pasts on any film format 8mm, Super8,16mm home movie – as well as VHS or
Video8 format (cued up, 5 minute limit) for inspection, discussion, and onsite
projection. Depending on the condition of the films, attendees will have the chance to view their own films on the big screen. Equipment provided by A/V Geeks
Transfer Services will allow participants to get a free transfer of their film.

Now in its 12th year, Home Movie Day is an international event held in local
communities around the world. It provides an opportunity for attendees to bring in
their home movies, learn more about their own family films, and—most
importantly—watch them and share them with others! Film archivists are on site and
to share information about how to care for films and videotapes so they can be
enjoyed by future generations.

Because they are local events, Home Movie Day screenings can focus on family
and community histories in a meaningful way.

“Home movies can allow us glimpses into the lives of regular people.” says Kim
Andersen of the State Archives of North Carolina. “These little movies provide
insight into that one person or family at a particular point in time and also, when studied with other films shot in and around the same time and locale, can show trends and shed invaluable light on socioeconomic groups and communities. Home movies are compact vignettes of life pithy little snippets chock full of detail and nuance that convey vastly more in much less time and space than a written document or a still image even.”

Charles Story attended the 2013 Home Movie Day event. He remembers, “seeing
the look of pure amazement and joy on people’s faces as they see themselves and
their loved ones, some who have been gone for decades, makes Home Movie Day
a truly unique experience. Hearing participants talk about what they are seeing on
the screen makes a full auditorium feel like a relatives living room, familiar and

Devin Orgeron is the Director of Film Studies at North Carolina State University, a cosponsor of the Raleigh event. “I’ve been a part of Home Movie Day for years now, and each year tops the previous year in terms of turnout and interesting material.” explains Orgeron. “What impressed me about last year’s event was the sheer number of local film lovers who came out, with or without films to show. I tell my students this every year and I think they are starting to get it now: you can’t really call yourself a film nerd and miss this event.”

For more information about the Raleigh Home Movie Day event on October 18,
please contact Devin Orgeron devin_orgeron@ncsu.edu or visit the Raleigh Home
Movie Day website: http://www.avgeeks.com/hmd.html

For more information about Home Movie Days around the world go to