Tiny Broadwick, Pioneer of Aviation

Tiny Broadwick

Tiny Broadwick

We have added an extended lesson guide on Tiny Broadwick to the education section of our website. Who was Tiny Broadwick you ask? She was a true pioneer of aviation, from right here in North Carolina.

Tiny Broadwick was a daring young woman who parachuted for the first time from a hot air balloon in 1908, when she was fifteen years old. During her lifetime she made over 1100 jumps from balloons and airplanes. She is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first woman to parachute from an airplane into water and as the first person to perform a “premeditated free-fall.” This brave woman was a little over 4 feet tall and weighed not much more than 80 pounds. To find out more about Tiny check out the short biography. The lesson guide also has fun facts and information that even non-students will find interesting to look through. Included in the lesson plan are two videos, filmed in the 1960’s that feature Tiny Broadwick.

Tiny Broadwick is also featured in the Women in North Carolina 20th Century History collection part of North Carolina Digital Collections.