It is Preservation Week, “Pass It On!”

[This blog post was written by Jennifer Blomberg, head of the Collection Management Branch. ]

Logo for Preservation Week

Logo for Preservation Week, which is sponsored by the ALA’s Association of Library Collections and Services.

Preservation Week was created in 2010 and is sponsored by the ALA’s Association of Library Collections and Services and partner organizations such as Library of Congress, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, The American Institute for Conservation, Heritage Preservation, and the Society of American Archivists, to inspire actions to preserve personal, family and community collections of all kinds including museum and archive collections.

The State Archives of North Carolina collects, preserves, and makes available for public use historical and documentary materials relating to North Carolina. Protecting these collections is one of our core functions. As part of that mission, we work to remind private historical societies, individual citizens, and state and local government officials that it is never too late to protect vital records. Our state’s documentary heritage is too valuable to lose. Working together we can preserve these resources and ensure they are around for generations to come.

What is preservation and why is it important?

Photograph of collections housing and storage in the Archives stacks.

Collections housing and storage in the Archives stacks.

Preservation activities are designed to minimize the physical and chemical deterioration of records and to prevent the loss of informational content. Some of the core preservation responsibilities include emergency response planning and support, monitoring environment, pest management and collections handling, storage and housing and developing guidelines that will extend the use of the records.

This week we will be posting additional posts and information on preservation. If you are looking for specific information or any additional information on these subjects, please feel free to contact the Preservation Officer at the State Archives of North Carolina at (919) 807-7308 or

Photo of an environmental monitor in storage area

An environmental monitor in storage area.


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