New OBHC Finding Aids

New finding aids are available on the Outer Banks History Center finding aids page:

Cole, Carol Cronk Photograph Collection, 1897 – 1901 (PDF)
Corydon Pirnie Cronk began his career in the U.S. Signal Corps and was later stationed at the U.S. Weather Bureau at Cape Henry, Virginia around the turn of the 20th century. One of Cronk’s duties was to inspect the telegraph poles that ran between government offices. In so doing, he travelled to the Weather Bureau stations at Kitty Hawk and Cape Hatteras. Many of the photographs in this collection show the destruction after the San Ciriaco Hurricane of 1899. Some of the photos are also in the H.H. Brimley Collection. It is not known whether Cronk obtained the images from Brimley or vice versa.
This collection consists of 34 digital scans at 300 dpi, stored on a disc and hard drive, and 34 black and white prints.

Holmes, Randell Dare County Mainland Photograph Collection (PDF)
Randell Eugene Holmes was born in East Lake, N.C. on December 12, 1932, and has spent most of his life on Roanoke Island. Holmes has close and personal ties with several of the prominent families on the Outer Banks and Dare County Mainland. He has meticulously searched out and located images and documents pertaining to family members and friends throughout the region. The materials in this collection primarily relate to the genealogy and history of the East Lake and Roanoke Island area. The collection consists of 333 digital scans and 120 prints of people and places, in particular, members of the Basnight, Creef, Holmes, Mann, Pinner, and Twiford families, as well as others. The collection also features 30 digital scans, 6 prints, and 9 photocopies of documents and clippings pertaining to various members of these families. 600 dpi digital scans of each image are stored on a disc and a hard drive.

33GRF-25 Sand Dollar Motel Photographs, 1957-1985 (PDF)
The Sand Dollar Motel, 1957 -1985, was a popular oceanfront vacation spot in Nags Head near milepost 13.5. The collection of buildings that made up the motel was originally known as Howell’s Cottages built by Gordon Kellogg for W.D. “Willie” Howell in 1951. Jewel Graves bought it in 1957 and renamed the facility “The Sand Dollar Motel.” She was the proprietress until the facility closed in 1984 and sold the next year. The Sand Dollar Motel was burned down as a fire training exercise in 1985 with permission of the new owner.This collection consists of 24 images of Jewel Graves, guests participating in activities, and buildings. Electronic scans of the collection are also available for viewing on the Outer Banks History Center public access computer