Outer Banks History Center Aids in Publication

[This blog post comes from the Outer Banks History Center. It was written by researcher Alvah H. Ward, Jr.]

Cover of When Ice Came To The Outer Banks

Cover of When Ice Came To The Outer Banks

When Ice Came To The Outer Banks is a true story, written by local authors, that tells the story of how ice and its impact shaped the development of North Carolina’s coastal region.

Ice, first cut and harvested from local inland waters, augmented with ice cut from the lakes of New England and then from manufacturing plants, made possible the development of our commercial and sportfishing industries and the transition to the world-class vacation industry we have today.

The Outer Banks History Center and its excellent staff made this document possible. From the research material made available to us and the assistance rendered by the Center staff, the authors were able to trace the highlights of local history that contributed to the story of how ice was such a critical factor in the development of our present day economy.

It is the intention of the authors to provide the History Center with the complete file of research material, photos and documents that were used in the preparation of the finished works.