Staff Profile — Jennifer Blomberg

Today we introduce Jennifer Blomberg, head of the Collections Management Branch.

Describe your job at the State Archives.

I am the Head of the Collections Management Branch for the Archives. The Collections Management Branch provides archival and records management services for public officials and the citizens of the state including duplication of records upon request, preservation reformatting of public records, and provision for storage of security microfilm. I plan, direct and oversee the preservation programs for the Archives and Records and directly supervise the Conservation, Imaging and Photography Units. I assure appropriate conservation treatments, preservation, duplication and quality assurance of microforms and photographic negatives and prints. Some of my job responsibilities include collections assessments and storage, environmental monitoring, integrated pest management, collections security, development of policies and standards for storage and disaster mitigation, preparedness and response.

What projects are you working on?

I am excited to be able to start to work on the Archive’s disaster mitigation, preparedness and response activities. I will be working on an evaluation and revision of the current plan, evaluating supplies, and implementing training for staff on disaster mitigation and disaster response actions.

How long have you worked at the State Archives/Records Center?

I am a fairly recent hire for the State Archives. I have only been in my current position, and at the Archives, for about five months now.

Describe your educational or career background prior to working here.

I have a Masters of Library and Information Science with a specialization in Archives, Preservation and Records Management from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences. I hold a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Delaware with a concentration in Conservation and Collections Care.

I have worked at various cultural institutions including museums, art galleries, historical societies, libraries and conservation labs doing a wide variety of preservation conservation functions. Prior to coming to the Archives, I worked at Duke University in their conservation lab and preservation department.


3 thoughts on “Staff Profile — Jennifer Blomberg

  1. patcl6

    As president of the Heritage Society of Franklin County I would like to inform the society that the Archives have completed the logging of the records which were taken from the Franklin County courthouse basement. We would like to know when those records could be reviewed by our members at the Archives. Thank you, Patricia Leonard.

    1. Ashley

      The Franklin County records are still being arranged and described, meaning a final index has not yet been created; they are also still going through conservation and reformatting. While the materials as a whole are not yet available for access, if you are interested in an individual record you can request that through the Search Room at the email address: And although we don’t handle records requests through our social media, you can find more information about requesting records on our website:

  2. Grace White

    Nice interview, Jennifer! We miss you here at Duke, but your work at the Archives sounds exciting and well-suited to your skills. Hope to see you soon!

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