Posted by: Ashley | February 6, 2014

Genealogy of a House: Researching the History of Your House

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Genealogy of a House: Researching the History of Your House*

February 22, 2014, 10-11a.m.

Program to  be held at the Department of Cultural Resources Building, 109 E. Jones Street, Raleigh, North Carolina.

 Staff from the North Carolina State Historic Preservation Office will discuss different methods of research to uncover the genealogy of your house.

  • Claudia Brown, Survey & National Register Branch Supervisor and Architectural Survey Coordinator will discuss resources for research.
  • Michael Southern, GIS coordinator and senior architectural historian will give a live demonstration of HPOWEB, web-based historic properties GIS mapping tool.
  • Mitch Wilds, Restoration Services Branch supervisor will talk about analyzing a property’s building elements in order to date it.

To register or for more information please call (919)807-7450 or email

 *This program is part of the Government and Heritage Library and State Archives of North Carolina’s Saturday genealogy workshop series.



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