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News from the OBHC

[This announcement comes from the Outer Banks History Center.]

The Outer Banks History Center, a regional archives and research library of the State Archives, has been closed this week due to migration of fumes from construction work in an adjacent visitor’s center. Air quality in our office areas has nearly returned to normal and our staff has returned today. Mitigation efforts continue today in our stackroom and reading room.  We anticipate opening to the public tomorrow morning, January 23, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Everyone’s Favorite Time of Year: Inventory

[This blog post was written by Becky McGee-Lankford, head of the Government Records Section. ]

A row of fibredex boxes in the State Records Center. One of our standard records storage cartons equals 1 cubic foot and one of the archival fibredex or Hollinger boxes equals 0.4 cu. ft.

One of our standard records storage cartons equals 1 cubic foot and one of the archival fibredex or Hollinger boxes equals 0.4 cu. ft.

It’s that time of year again. Every January the staff of the State Archives of North Carolina devotes three days (January 13-15) to inventorying our various collections.  This year we confirmed the location of approximately 29,700 cu. ft. of state agency, local, and organizational records in three of our storage facilities. While this is not the entirety of our holdings, the records inventoried this year consisted of the most frequently referenced series by researchers in our Search Room.  In addition to verifying the locations of our collections, we also utilized staff resources to work on several additional projects, including barcoding records stored in the State Records Center, and processing two local record series.

Recently barcoded boxes in the State Records Center

Recently barcoded boxes in the State Records Center.

In the past year the State Records Center integrated barcoding into the process of storing inactive records for state agencies. We are currently barcoding records as the boxes are transferred by agencies to the records center for storage.  We have also been working towards barcoding all records currently stored in our various storage facilities to more efficiently  allocate available storage space.  During inventory staff barcoded approximately 16,086 cu. ft. of records stored on the second floor of the State Records Center which is a substantial accomplishment in comparison to the 13,079 cu. ft. completed in November and December.  It proves that when you concentrate your efforts you can accomplish great things.

Finally staff processed (flattened, foldered, and data entry) for 17 cu. ft. of Durham County Wills, 1881-1966.  Out of the 17 cu. ft. staff created 4,314 files (120 fibredex boxes).   This project needs additional work before being integrated into the Archives collection.  Once the processing of this series is complete, it will be available for researchers to access through the Search Room. In addition, staff continued data entry of the New Hanover County Estates, 1747-1939 adding 358 files (10 fibredex boxes) to the container list. Click here for completed county records container lists.  Follow our blogs for progress reports on these collections.

I hope this blog post has given you some insight into part of the routine operations of the State Archives of North Carolina as we work to ensure the continued accessibility of North Carolina’s permanently valuable records.