News and Notes for November

November is here, a time when many people begin planning large family gatherings for the upcoming holidays. In keeping with the themes of the season, food and family, here are some recently added digital collections  or events you may have missed.

Food and Cooking Collection

Trademark Application: J.A. Hopkins for Eno Corn Meal.

Trademark Application: J.A. Hopkins for Eno Corn Meal, part of the Food and Cooking Collection.

You may have seen the blog post by our intern, Brittany Boynton, about her work with the Food and Cooking collection. Last month, as part of our Archives Week activities, she added several cookbooks and recipes from our Private Collections, as well as food-related trademark applications dating from 1910-1930 from our Secretary of State Records. The trademarks are a particular favorite among our staff  because they give researchers a feeling for the types of products that ordinary North Carolinians likely used in their daily lives. Many of the cookbooks and recipes are handwritten; others include home remedies or advice on how to manage a household.

We’ll be adding to this collection at least through December, so expect updates as new materials are added. Currently Brittany is looking through our collections to find items related to moonshine, which should be a very interesting addition to the digital collections.

Civil War 150 Lecture to be held on Nov. 18

Poster for the Civil War 150 Committee's Second Mondays Talk for November 2013

Poster for the Civil War 150 Committee’s Second Mondays Talk for November 2013

On November 18th at 10:30 AM, Tiffanie Mazanek and I will be giving the Civil War 150 Committee’s Second Mondays Lecture on the new website and an update on the materials we’ve added to the Civil War Collection in the North Carolina Digital Collection in the last year or so. While we’ll primarily focus on the Civil War materials, we’ll also try to include a brief overview of the tools and what you will find when you use them.

Like all the other lectures in this series, it will be held in the auditorium of the State Archives and Library building in Raleigh. Many of our recent events have been recorded and put online by the Department of Cultural Resources; this one may also be recorded, but I’ll pass along more information on that once we have it.

This will be the last of the 2013 Civil War talks. More information about the 2014 talks will be forthcoming.

North Carolina Constitution Event Video Online

If you missed the “Historical Primer on the North Carolina Constitution” event presented by the State Archives and State Library during Archives Week, it is now available online through the YouTube account for North Carolina Dept. of Cultural Resources or through the State Archives NC History playlist.

Remember to check our News and Events Page for videos of recently held talks or lists of upcoming events at our three locations.

From the Search Room

For those of you interested in copies by mail, due to current staffing levels of the Correspondence unit, please expect delays in response to record search inquiries and receipt of copies. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our researchers and hope to be back to normal turn-around times soon.

News from NCLA

North Carolina Library Association (NCLA) Conference 2013 session on free online resources from the State Archives and State Library of North Carolina is now available online.