Staff Profile — Tammy James

Continuing our staff profile series, today we present Tammy James, the Imaging Unit Supervisor in the Collections Management Branch of the Collections Services Section.

Describe your current job at the State Archives.

I answer many emails and phone inquiries daily, this may involve searching for holdings, missing records, duplication orders, billing questions, and questions concerning progress of present projects.  Schedule projects for my staff, accession microfilm into our holdings. Collaborate with various Department staff.

What project(s) have you completed recently, are currently working on, or have coming up?

My unit has recently completed a very large project for SBI which included 400 cubic feet of records.

How long have you worked at the State Archives?           

I have been at the Archives for 14 years. I was a Processing Assistant IV which included microfilming, then I was a Processing Assistant V which included accessioning microfilm holdings of various types of records. I have been in my current position for 12 years.

Are you involved in any committees, special projects, DCR-wide programs, or professional organizations?

I am involved in the DCR Combined Campaign.  I am a member of the DCR Diversity Choir, Participated in the Leadership Development Program 2012-2013, on the Friends of the Archives Committee and EEO Committee. I am also on the Graduation Committee for the LDP.

Describe your educational or career background prior to working here.

I attended Wake Technical Community College.  I was a Team Leader of the Microfilm Unit at SMI Imaging for 17 years.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

Working with the public and answering questions about holdings, billing, vendor lists, student transcripts etc.

What skills or traits do you think are needed to be successful at your job?

Attention to detail, multi-tasking, creativity, technology, coaching, researching, monitoring, collaboration, quality control.

Is there an aspect of your job that you never thought you would end up doing?

Maintenance on equipment and freezing in the vaults.

What work-related accomplishment are you most proud of?

The Leadership Development Program.

Have you received any specialized training, certifications, awards, or recognitions?

I have received my Associates Degree in Biblical Studies and continuing the work towards my Bachelor’s Degree.  I have received Certificates in many Computer Programs being used in my job on a daily basis.

What’s the most interesting/unusual thing you’ve come across in a collection?

Nothing too interesting but at my previous job we were prepping records and found dollar bills in every folder where people pulled records to copy and paid leaving the money in the folder. Too bad we didn’t get to keep what we found, HA HA.

What’s the most interesting reference question you’ve been asked?

I recently received a call from a customer that he was having problems with his reader printer and wanted me to come out and fix it.  We don’t do maintenance on outside equipment.

Tammy James of the Collections Management Branch.