James Eubert Holshouser, Jr.

[This blog post comes from James Sorrell, head of the Special Collections Section.]

James Eubert Holshouser, Jr., who died yesterday at age 78, was governor of North Carolina from 1973 to 1977 and was the first Republican governor of North Carolina in the 20th Century.  His official records as governor are housed in the State Archives of North Carolina along with the official papers of other North Carolina governors dating back to 1663.  Governor Holshouser’s official records, along other materials in the custody of the State Archives, document his term as governor and shed light on his work towards and advocacy of education, the environmental, rural health care and social issues such as his support for the creation of  Soul City, the new town project started in Warren County by former civil rights leader Floyd McKissick.  This support is reflected in this proclamation establishing November 9, 1973 as Soul City Day in North Carolina.

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