Holiday Update, Biennial Report, and War of 1812

I have some quick news updates for you today:

First, the State Archives will be closed March 29-31 for the Good Friday holiday. The Search Room is always closed on Mondays but will be open to the public as usual on Tuesday, April 2.

Second, from the Dept. of Cultural Resources (if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you may have already seen this information):

“The Biennial Report (2010-2012) for the North Carolina Office of Archives and History has been posted to the Web at Please be patient when trying to open it; the file is quite large and may take a while to download.”

And finally, as of this exact moment 4,201 of the 5,000 War of 1812 Pay Vouchers are now available online. Aaron Cusick and I are going to try to have this collection all online before we leave for the holiday tomorrow afternoon but, regardless, we are well ahead of the deadline we set for ourselves of having these materials online by the end of April. The credit for that mostly falls to Aaron who did a fantastic job scanning and indexing these materials.

Stay tuned for more information about our next digital projects. We have several that are just in the beginning planning stages and I’ll pass along the information on those once we’ve ironed out a few more of the details.