Records Spotlight: CRX Records

Have you used CRX records at the State Archives of North Carolina? Do you know anyone that has used CRX records?  I feel that CRX records are a hidden gem in the archives. Information found in CRX records may be the only Clerk of Court or Register of Deeds records that survived certain time frames.

CRX records are documents that leave the custody of the creator. The records are incomplete and are not merged with county records. There is no special county call number assigned to these records because the call number is assigned based on time of accession. For instance CRX 80 is Perquimans County Minutes, Superior Court, 1818-1827, 1 volume while CRX 222 is Cumberland County Tax List, 1804, one folder in Fibredex box.

A list of CRX records is listed for each county in the Guide to county Records in North Carolina State Archives. There is a section in the card catalog representing CRX records related to each county. These are best options on searching for CRX records since there is no data in the MARS catalog.

Consider using CRX records the next time you are in the search room. Let me know the outcome.