All the News That’s Fit to Print

There has been so much going on around 109 E. Jones St. that I thought maybe it was time to condense it all down to a blog post to catch you up.

By now you’ve probably seen notices various places, including here, about our new records management blog called “The G.S. 132 Files.” Although the blog is aimed more at records managers than the general public, here are a few posts that may interest our readers here:

Other blog posts and websites that may be of interest to you:

There is also some news involving our digital collections:
  • For the fans of our World War I poster collection: there are 12 posters left in our queue of things to put online. Currently there are ca. 486 posters in the NC Digital Collections and we’ve started scanning our World War II posters.
  • We’ve also started loading a collection called “Women, Marriage, and the Law,” which was previously known as “Studies in Scarlet.” The Studies in Scarlet Project was organized and partially funded by the Research Libraries Group in order to created a “virtual collection” of digitized primary and secondary documents valuable for researching the legal, historical, and cultural aspects of marriage and other personal relationships in the United States and the United Kingdom from 1815 to 1914. In addition to the State Archives of North Carolina, the participating institutions included the Harvard University Law Library, the New York Public Library, the New York University Law Library, Princeton University Libraries, the University of Pennsylvania Law Library, and the University of Leeds (U.K.). Studies In Scarlet was completed in 1998. Obviously we’re only loading the State Archives materials, but there’s still a lot of interesting historical and genealogical information in there including petitions for divorce, petitions to recognize children born outside of a legal marriage, and petitions from slaves or their spouses seeking their freedom. Eventually the collection will also include records related to the Tom Dula case. We’ve got a long way to go to finish adding all of “Women, Marriage, and the Law” to the NCDC, so please be patient with us, but I wanted to at least let you know that this was something on the horizon.
  • We’re also loading Civil War materials related to Lawrence O’Bryan Branch.