Hi, I am employed by the State Archives of North Carolina….

My name is Francesca and I am employed by the State Archives of North Carolina. I’ve been with the State Archives since July 2008. It’s been an unbelievable four years.

In my first job as a processing assistant, I worked with the Public Services and Special Collections branches. I had the pleasure of working every Saturday in the search room. I can tell you I learned the regulars super-fast. I also worked with the correspondence unit with the Public Services. We answered questions for North Carolina and out of state residents.  I highly recommend using the Correspondence Unit to request copies of records held at the State Archives.  The research service is free to North Carolina residents, but you will have to pay for copies with a minimum charge of $2.00. The research fee for out of state residents is $20.00.

I also worked with the Non-textual Materials Unit in the Special Collections branch. I really enjoyed this job because it gave me experience answering requests from the public. Plus who doesn’t enjoy looking at images from North Carolina. There are so many photograph negatives & prints in the Photograph collection. I highly recommend checking out the images on flickr.

In March 2010, I became one of the Local Records Archivists. My position does a little of everything in the local records unit.  One of my main job duties is to be the contact person for Clerk of Courts and Register of Deeds for transfer of permanent county records. We collect county records from all 100 North Carolina counties. I also give Disaster Preparedness workshops in person. The past year I was a part of a team who gave a 4-part disaster preparedness webinar to government employees. We focused on knowing your essential records before a disaster occurs. I also work the arrangement and description of county records.  The local records unit arranges and describes the county records for use in the State Archives search room. Recently, we brought in 2010 electronic tax records. We’re really excited about our new venture into electronic records.  My job provides me with diverse responsibilities that make coming to work enjoyable.