Moving Mountains of Microfilm

Heather South, WRA Archivist, moving cartloads of microfilm up to the stacks

No research room would be complete without some microfilm.  The Western Regional Archives just finished moving a mountain of microfilm materials into the stacks so we’ll be stocked up with resources from across the region for our researchers to use. From county council minutes to records of pensions and tax scrolls, we selected film that isn’t normally available at courthouses or libraries.  These out the box type records can offer up some great facts for genealogists, or a good portrayal of local government and infrastructure and are often overlooked.   Maybe your ancestor has a marriage bond on file, or your grandmother served on the board of education, or maybe you are just curious about history.  No matter your interest, just be sure to come check out the “Microfilm Mountain” at the Western Regional Archives (which will open its doors for research on August 13th).

For a general list of the types of film we have so far, check out this link: