On the Eve of the 4th

First, just a reminder, the State Archives of North Carolina is closed tomorrow for Independence Day. We will be back to our normal hours starting Thursday, July 5th. Remember if you ever want to know what our hours are or what holidays we close for, you can find that information on the Hours page on our website.

You may have heard today about the death of famous North Carolinian, Andy Griffith (link goes to the News and Observer obituary). Kim Cumber, our Non-Textual Materials Archivist, has loaded photographs of Andy Griffith on our Flickr account and our friends at the State Library have shared this program from 1983 NC Awards for Fine Arts during which Griffith was honored.

Tomorrow is also the first Wednesday of July, so our First Wednesdays Civil War post and items are available a little earlier than normal. This month Bill Brown writes about the Seven Days Campaign. Here are few quotes from other recent posts on the Civil War 150 blog:

In our World War I collection in the North Carolina Digital Collections, we’re still adding posters; currently there are about 337 World War I posters available in the collection and we still have over a hundred to go before all of the posters are online. We’ve also started to add World War I maps like this one (link goes to “Carte De France Et Des Frontieres A 1/200, 000 (Type 1912) No. 26 Troyes”), which comes from the collection of James A. Higgs who served with the 7th Balloon Company. We plan on adding our World War II posters to the NC Digital Collections as well; I’ll let you know more about that when we start that project.

I hope that you all have a good holiday and we’ll see you again on Thursday.