Raleigh, Then and Now, and Other Photographic News

From our Non-Textual Materials Archivist Kim Cumber comes this news:

Raleigh, Then and Now’ is a new monthly column in which photographer Ian F.G. Dunn presents his temporal diptychs. Historical photographs are used to re-photograph a scene from the exact location and angle the original photographer used. This has proven to be no easy task. Lenses used by our ancestral photographers were much different than today’s lenses and often distorted the image, sometimes making it incredibly hard to achieve an exact present-day photograph.  Other issues include lighting and changes in topography and infrastructure. Many of the historical photographs are courtesy of the State Archives of North Carolina.  This is a collaborative effort between Non-Textual Materials part-time cataloger Karl Larson and photographer Ian F. G. Dunn.

There are also several new photograph sets on our Flickr account: