Recent Transferred County Records: Alamance and Polk Counties

Newly accessioned volumes/Fibredex boxes are transferred from the State Record Center (SRC) to the State Archives. Recent transferred records  may be accessed in the State Archives search room. We have arranged and described volumes chronological. Most volumes are associated with a volume # or letter. The volumes may have an index inside the volume or a separate index volume.

Polk County:

Record of Inheritance Tax, 1921-1968; C.R.080.513.1 (Arranged alphabetically by last name of the deceased)

You may also find Inheritance tax records in the loose estate records (C.R.080.508).

Alamance County

(Records stored offsite.  You will not be able to access the original volumes on Saturday unless you make arrangements ahead of time. You may call 919-807-7310 and ask to speak with a Public Services archivist.  As always the microfilm will be available.)

Record of Wills, 1849-1968; C.R.001.801.9-C.R.001.801.30

Record of Administrators, 1902-1968; C.R.001.504.1-C.R.001.504.16 (15 volumes)

Record of Settlements, 1919-1951; C.R.001.518.4-C.R.001.518.10 (7 volumes)

Guardian Bonds, 1910-1953; C.R.001.511.3-C.R.001.511.5 (3 volumes)

Guardian Returns, 1879-1951; C.R.001.509.02-C.R.001.509.06 (5 volume)

Guardian Record, 1954-1963; C.R.001.509.07 (1 volume)

Record of Guardians and Trustees, 1963-1968; C.R.001.509.08 (1 volume)

Record of Accounts, 1932-1951; C.R.001.501.04-C.R.001.501.07 (4 volumes)

To preserve volumes, we do not photocopy volumes on the copy machine. However, you may take a picture using a camera with no flash or get a copy off the microfilm.


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