Mobile Shelving Space Comes On-line

Earlier this week I mentioned that we were in the process of moving records within the building in order to make more materials available on Saturdays. Here’s some information about that process from Becky McGee-Lankford of our Government Records group:

Since February 20, 2012, Archives and Records Section staff have been involved in an extensive relocation of approximately 10,000 cubic feet of archival records from our various storage facilities into a recently equipped mobile shelving storage space in the basement of the Archives Building. This now provides patrons access to more records for research on Saturday including Governor’s Records from Aycock – Holshouser, Superior Court, and General Assembly Records (1901-1991). Other state agency records now available for research include Dept. of Justice, Emergency Relief Administration, Dept. of Public Instruction, Utilities Commission, as well as various State Agency Boards and Commissions. In addition, we also moved account books.

In addition, to moving records into the new storage space we have also shifted 2,000 cubic feet of records within the Archives stacks allowing for additional records to be incorporated into the local records collections.

This project has progressed smoothly with a substantial quantity of fragile records being moved in a short period of time by dedicated staff. As always, staff is dedicated to the accessibility and preservation of North Carolina records.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to focus on a small group of records that were involved in this move and tell you a bit about them. Most of the description for these collections can be found in our online catalog, MARS. As I’ve mentioned previously, however, it will likely take us a while to change the location codes in MARS and our other finding aids, so we ask you to be patient with us. The whole list (PDF) of materials that are newly available on Saturdays is available via our website.

Here is our first set of records:

General Assembly Records (1901-1992) – These are the records of the state legislature and can include anything from session records, Legislative Services Division records, and Clerk’s Office materials, among other types of records.

Governor’s Records (Aycock – Holshouser) 1901-1976 – The records of the Governor’s Office can include general correspondence; subject files; the records commissions and other groups; press releases; invitations; and other records.

Supreme Court Records (1800-1939) – These records can include case files, clerks’ dockets, general correspondence, minute books, judgement dockets, and other materials.


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