Moving Records and Expanding Our Storage

As you may know if you’ve read the April 2012 edition of Carolina Comments, we are in the process of moving records to a new stacks area which will allow us to bring more collections into the Archives building and therefore will allow more collections to be available during our Saturday hours.  As part of this records shift, we are also moving a group of collections out to the Western Regional Archives in anticipation of that new research facility opening to the public. The opening date for the Western Regional Archives hasn’t been set yet, but we want to give researchers a list of materials that will soon be available there.  A PDF version of the list is available on our website and I’ll give a version of it in this blog post. In the coming days and weeks I’ll provide lists of other materials that have moved or are being moved down to our new storage space, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Collections moving from the State Archives of North Carolina in Raleigh to the Western Regional Archives, Oteen

  • Records of Black Mountain College (academic records); 75 cubic feet
  • Black Mountain College Research Project Records (state agency records); 30 cubic feet
  • ORG.19: Appalachian National Park Association Records; 4 fibredex and 10 manuscript boxes; 5 volumes.
  • ORG.131: Upper French Broad Defense Association Records; 4 fibredex boxes.
  • PhC.15: James P. Dodge, Jr., Photograph Collection; 1 volume.
  • PhC.34: Asheville Area Lantern Slide Collection; 3 items (1 folder).
  • PhC.66:  Blue Ridge Parkway Photograph Collection; 19 boxes.
  • PhC.69:  Black Mountain College Photograph Collection; 1 manuscript box (21 items).
  • PhC.97: Interstate Highway 40 Tunnel Construction Photograph Collection; 1 oversize manuscript box (172 items).
  • PhC.140: Blue Ridge Assembly Photograph Album; 1 volume.
  • V.T.1: Black Mountain College: A Thumbnail Sketch, VT.1; 1 item
  • MfP.41: Lyonel Feininger Letters and Drawings; 1 reel.
  • X.11: Black Mountain College Papers; 22 reels.
  • X.21: Alleghany County Ex-Confederate Veterans; 1 reel.
  • X.46: Cherokee Historical Association Related Records; 3 reels.
  • PC.1197: Annie Albers Collection; 1 manuscript box
  • PC.1517: H. McGuire Wood Papers; 2 fibredex boxes; 2 oversize drop-front boxes
  • PC.1520: Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mangold Papers; 1 fibredex box; 1
  • PC.1538: Allen Sly Papers; 1 ½ fibredex boxes
  • PC.1545: Clark H. Foreman Papers; 1 folder
  • PC.1546: Ernest Krenek Letters; 1 folder
  • PC.1571: Black Mountain Bank Papers;
  • PC.1580: Black Mountain College Miscellaneous Collection; 1 fibredex box; 1 volume
  • PC.1581: T. R. Jackson Collection; 1 folder
  • PC.1586: Roberta Blair Collection; ½ fibredex box
  • PC.1678: Martin Duberman Collection; 38 fibredex boxes; 1 folder oversized materials
  • PC.1684: James Philander Dodge, Jr., Papers; 1 fibredex box.
  • PC.1715: Peggy Dwight Papers; 1 oversized box
  • PC.1784: Sylvia Girsh Ashby Collection; 1 fibredex box
  • PC.1790: Mervin Lane Manuscripts; 6 manuscript boxes; 5 ½ fibredex boxes
  • PC.1824: Irwin Kremen Exhibition Catalogs; 1 fibredex box
  • PC.1870: Norman B. Weston Collection; 1 manuscript box
  • PC.1871: Jesse B. Green Collection; 1 manuscript box
  • PC.1885: Stephen Forbes Papers; 1 fibredex box
  • PC.1895: Mary Gregory Papers; 1 fibredex box
  • PC.1922: Sue Spayth Riley Papers; 1 fibredex box
  • PC.1924: Don Page Collection; 5 folders of oversize materials
  • PC.1956: Dreier Papers; 77 ½ fibredex boxes; 2 manuscript boxes
  • PC.1957: Hannelore Hahn Papers; 2 fibredex boxes; 2 cubic foot boxes
  • PC.1958: Nan Weston Papers; 1 manuscript box
  • PC.1959: John Evarts Papers; 1 manuscript box.
  • PC.2027: Marilyn Greenwald Papers; 1 portfolio

For more information about the collections moving to the Western Regional Archives, contact Heather South at 828-296-7230, extension 232, or by email at heather.south AT