The State Archives on TV and Civil War 150 News

I’ve got a couple of updates for you:

If you were watching the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are” on Friday night you may have been surprised to see the State Archives of North Carolina on the episode in which Reba McEntire explores her family history. I know our staff members were thrilled to be involved in the taping of this episode. If you missed it, the video for the episode is available on the NBC website until 9/16/2012. The Cultural Resources press release about the film crew’s visit is available, as is a short News and Observer article about the show.

The first part of 2012 is a busy time for North Carolina Civil War 150 news due to the Burnside Expedition’s activities in the eastern part of the state during 1862. As a result, there’s been a flurry of activity on our Civil War blog, including:

And if you’d like to listen to Chris talk about the Burnside Expedition, he was interviewed about it by WOUB, an NPR affiliate in Ohio.