The Emblem of Language and Flowers

Emblem of Language of Flowers, a list of flowers and their symbolic meaning

Emblem of Language of Flowers, a list of flowers and their symbolic meaning, from the Williams-Womble Papers

As part of our celebration of “Love in the Archives” and the #loveheritage Valentine’s Day event, below is a transcription of “The Emblem of Language and Flowers,” a list of flowers and their symbolic meaning, likely written as a school exercise by an unidentified student. This item is from the Williams-Womble Papers, which you can read more about on our Civil War 150 blog.

The Emblem of Language of Flowers
Apple blossom Preference
Aeacia yellow Concealed love
Ambrosia Love returned
Aloe Religious superstition
Almond tree Indiscretion
Ash tree Grandeur
Bachelors button Hope in love
[unlegible]lm Sweets of social intercourse
[unlegible]alsam Impatience do not approach me
Broom corn Industry
Broome Humility
Buttercup Riches
Brumble Envy
Burdock Touch me not
Cedar You are not entitled to my love
Cattehfly I am a willing prisoner
China aster duble Your sentiments meet with return
China aster single You have no cause for encouragement
Pink duble red Love
Pink white Fair and fascinating
Plum tree Keep your promises
Rose bud white Too young to love
Rose bud red Pure and lovely
Rosemary Keep this for my sake I will remember
Iris Message
Ivy Friendship
Holly Domestic Happiness
Holly hock Ambition
Indian pink Always lovly
Jasmine You beare a gentle mind
Ipomala I attach myself to you
Peach blossom Here I [unlegible] my choice


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