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State Agency Workshop Schedule 2012

The  schedule for State Agency workshops for January-April 2012 is now available on the Workshops page of the Government Records Branch website. The workshops are available to all state employees interested in learning more about records management (including the Public Records Law and how to create or update an office’s retention schedule), electronic, paper, and subject filing systems, handling email, and handling electronic records.

The workshops available include:

Introduction to Managing Public Records
Answers questions like “What is records management?” and “What is a records retention and disposition schedule?” Dispels notions such as “We don’t have public records.” Provides tools to help when “My boss wants these records out of the hallway.” This presentation covers public access to electronic files; managing, storing, and retrieving electronic records and helping assure their accuracy and reliability; the security of electronic files; and system backups. This workshop will also provide you with an introduction to the public records law in North Carolina and teach you how a schedule is developed. Includes discussion and tour of the State Records Center, its services and facility.

From Filing Cabinet to Desktop PC: Organizing Your Paper and Electronic Files
For the vast majority of offices, maintaining records is still a daily factor in office work. This workshop provides concrete examples of how to organize and maintain active paper and electronic files in an efficient, easy-to-use system, designed for personnel who desire something better than a strictly alphabetical filing system, or who are challenged with organizing e-mail or electronic documents.

The Digital Divide Also Multiplies: Managing E-mail
Increasingly, government employees utilize e-mail to conduct government business, to communicate ideas, and to obtain information. While it can increase office productivity, e-mail can also be a burden as the amount of e-mail multiplies. This workshop offers tips and tricks to help you identify and manage your e-mail records in accordance with the Public Records Law.

Managing Electronic Records: Recognizing Perils and Avoiding Pitfalls
More and more government employees use computers as they conduct their daily business. While computers are invaluable tools that store large amounts of data that can be easily searched, depending solely upon electronic records can be dangerous. In this workshop you will learn some of the problems associated with electronic records and you will receive advice on how to protect those records.

Scanning Public Records: Laying the Groundwork
Many state agencies are considering scanning as an option to reduce storage costs and to “go paperless.” This introductory workshop provides the guidance you will need to get started, while ensuring you are in compliance with public records laws. Topics covered include legal issues relating to scanned images and creating trustworthy records, and technical aspects of digital imaging. This presentation will also provide you with questions to consider, including “Is scanning the right option for my office?”, “What is the difference between a JPEG and a TIFF, high-resolution and low-resolution, and grayscale and 16-bit color?”, and “Should I scan in-house or outsource?”

For more information, state employees should consult the Workshops page.