County Record Box Listapalooza

Francesca over in our County Records unit has been very busy lately. She just sent me a series of updated box lists and the names of newly added or merged county records available in the Search Room. Since there are so many new records, I’m breaking them into batches to added them to the County Records page of the North Carolina State Archives website. This is the first of those batches.

The following counties have new records that are available in the Search Room:

  • Durham County Widow’s Year’s Support
  • Gates County Wills
  • Northampton County Estates
  • Northampton County Guardians
  • Perquimans County Estates
  • Perquimans County Guardians

There are currently no container lists available for the Durham County Widow’s Year’s Support and Northampton County Estates, but all other box lists are available on the Archives website. Also available is a newly formatted Alamance County Estates box list.

Francesca also wanted me to mention that the Perquimans County Estates and Guardians lists have a disclaimer attached stating that we do not have dates for some of the older records.

More box lists will be coming soon, so stay tuned.


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