The Cherokee Physician…

Tiffanie has added a new item to our Archival Treasures collection within the North Carolina Digital Collections:

The Cherokee Physician, or Indian Guide to Health, as given by Richard Forman, a Cherokee Doctor; Comprising a Brief View of Anatomy, with General Rules for Preserving Health Without the Use of Medicines. The Diseases of the U. States, With Their Symptoms, Causes, and Means of Prevention, are Treated on in a Satisfactory Manner. It also Contains a Description of a Variety of Herbs and Roots, Many of Which are not Explained in any Other Book, and Their Medical Virtues Have Hitherto Been Unknown to Whites; to Which is Added a Short Dispensatory by James W. Mahoney

As the title implies, The Cherokee Physician… was published to be a practical guide to medical remedies. The book is broken up into three sections: part one is on the human anatomy and general rules of illness prevention; part two contains descriptions of different diseases and their treatments; and part three has a list of botanical remedies used by the Cherokee.

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