New MARS Tutorials on YouTube

A little while ago I mentioned that Emily Guhde, one of our interns who is a student at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Library Science, was working on video tutorials for the MARS catalog. Those videos are now available via the State Archives’ new YouTube channel. There are seven videos in all and they take you though all aspects of doing a basic search in the MARS Catalog, how to limit your search for better results, how to interpret the results and record details screens, and how to browse our materials.

I’ve also added the first two videos on this blog – you can find them by clicking on the tab labeled “MARS Tutorials” under our banner. I’d love to hear from some of our readers on whether or not having all of the videos here would be helpful – if it would be helpful then I’ll add the other tutorials here as well. We will also be adding them to the MARS Help pages; currently there’s a link to YouTube available on the help pages.