World War I Materials Available Online

[I was asked to write about our World War I resources for Carolina Comments this morning. I thought our blog readers might be interested in a preview.]

As the Department of Cultural Resources begins its commemorations of the World War I Centennial, it is good to remember that the North Carolina State Archives has several online resources relating to World War I. The first, “Wildcats Never Quit: North Carolina in World War I”, was a joint project between the State Archives, the State Library of North Carolina, and the North Carolina Museum of History to provide a searchable virtual collection using selected World War I materials from all three institutions and includes printed books and documents, letters, diaries, photographs, and artifacts. Another available resource, “The Old North State and ‘Kaiser Bill’: North Carolinians in World War I” is a virtual exhibit which gives an introduction to North Carolina’s role in “The Great War” and includes sections on the Thirtieth and Eighty-first Divisions, trench warfare, the homefront, and soldier stories. “The Old North State” was created for the State Archives by Neil Cottrell, an intern in the Youth Advocacy and Involvement Office’s North Carolina State Internship Program. There are also currently over one thousand items relating to the time period from 1900 through World War I that are available to the public in the North Carolina Digital Collections, a recent collaboration between the State Archives and State Library of North Carolina to provide access to both of our institutions’ digital materials through one website.