Genealogical Research, FAQ, and the Digital Civil War Collection

It’s time for a blog Spring cleaning, so here are a few new features that I’ve just added to this site:

  1. In 2009 we created an introduction to genealogical research at the North Carolina State Archives as part of the National Genealogical Society Conference held in Raleigh that year. That introduction has been very popular with people who are just beginning to work on their genealogy so I’ve added an updated version to the blog – you’ll see it listed as Genealogical Research in our banner links.
  2. I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the blog as well; you can find it either through our About page or as the last topic on the Genealogical Research page.

Over on our North Carolina Civil War 150 blog, I’ve added a page to search or browse our Civil War 150 collection in the North Carolina Digital Collections. If you want to know more about the ongoing Civil War digitization project or all the places you can find the Digital Civil War Collection search pages, this blog post should get you up to speed.