First Wednesdays

Although the beginning of Civil War Sesquicentennial efforts vary across the country, with many states launching their Sesquicentennial events during the month when their state entered the war, January 2011 marks the beginning of our Civil War-themed events at the North Carolina State Archives. One of those events will be “First Wednesdays“, which is what we are calling a fifty-four month project to spotlight one Civil War-related resource (meaning a document, map, image, etc.) per month on the first Wednesday of that month for four years. We may focus on more than one item during some months and we have additional scanning projects like the Civil War letter digitization project that I mentioned over on the Civil War 150 blog recently. But during First Wednesdays there will always be at least one new online resource highlighted on our North Carolina Civil War 150 blog (Added, May 31, 2011 – if you want to see all of the First Wednesday posts, here is a shortcut).

Today Chris Meekins kicks off First Wednesdays with a blog post focused on political discussions, both pro-secession and pro-Union, in North Carolina during December 1860. The document he uses to illustrate this discussion is the Craven County December 1860 resolutions, which are provided online as a part of the North Carolina Digital Collections website.