Posted by: Ashley | October 5, 2010

Arthur Penn and Black Mountain College

Program from the play "The Ruse of Medusa" performed at BMC on August 14, 1948

Program from the play "The Ruse of Medusa" performed at BMC on August 14, 1948. Collection: Black Mountain College; General Files; Publications, College; Programs, Drama; 1948, August 14. Click for a larger image.

Getting ready for North Carolina Archives Week and the launch of North Carolina Civil War 150 has kept me pretty busy for the last couple of weeks. But I didn’t want to let too much time go by without mentioning Arthur Penn (link goes to a Newsweek article), director of Bonnie and Clyde among other things.

Missing from many of the articles and obituaries that came out after Arthur Penn’s death last week was the fact that he was a student at Black Mountain College (BMC) in Black Mountain, North Carolina. One of my favorite items in our BMC collections that relates to Arthur Penn is the program for The Ruse of Medusa, which Penn co-directed and which included in its cast fellow members of the Summer Session of 1948: Buckminster Fuller, Elaine de Kooning, and Merce Cunningham. You can see a copy of the program for that performance on our website (or you can click on the thumbnail image on this post).

A few other highlights relating to Arthur Penn from our BMC collections:



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