Andrew S. Austin Collection

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Austin, Andrew S., Collection, 1800 – 1989
Andrew S. Austin, a native of Hatteras, North Carolina, acquired a tract of land in the 1950s from the heirs of George S. Rollinson and Jesse Rollinson. According to public records of Dare County, the last land transaction that affected this parcel of property, prior to Andrew Austin’s acquisition, was in 1849. After Andrew Austin’s death, the tract, which borders the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, was divided among his children. In 1985, Howard Phipps, Jr. and his wife, Mary N. S. Phipps, filed a lawsuit against eight Hatteras families, claiming that they were the owners of the property as a result of land transaction that originated with a land grant to a Georgia A. Gaskins in January 1910. The “Gaskins Grant” was a large tract of land that described 400 acres or more and ran several miles along the oceanfront in the Hatteras-Frisco area. Six of the eight families named in the lawsuit claimed their ownership through Andrew S. Austin and were represented by Kitty Hawk attorney Roy A. Archbell, Jr. Though it became apparent that the Phipps’ claims, under the Gaskins Grant, would be defeated, it also appeared that they had other potential claims to the same property through George Rollinson. Since both sides recognized the extreme difficulty in establishing the true dividing lines between the George Rollinson parcels, they decided to settle the litigation. As a result there was never a final court adjudication. The materials in this collection are Archbell’s research materials and court documents. They include: correspondence, photographs, genealogical information, deeds, land surveys, maps, witness depositions, and trial exhibits. (7.66 cubic feet)