U. S. Army Signal Corps, Cape Lookout

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U. S. Army Signal Corps, Cape Lookout, Records of Correspondence and Daily Journals, 1876 – 1885
The U. S. Army Signal Corps was first established on June 21, 1860 when army doctor Albert James Myer proposed the army use his visual communication system called “wigwag.” In addition to visual signaling, the electric telegraph became a signal corps responsibility in 1867. Within twelve years, the Signal Corps had constructed, and was maintaining, some 4,000 miles of telegraph lines along the country’s western frontier. Weather forecasting and military communications were among its many responsibilities. The Signal Corps established an office at Cape Lookout around 1876. This collection contains the Cape Lookout station’s logbooks, which features records of incoming and outgoing communications, as well as daily journals. (7 items)