State Government Web Site Archives Update

It’s been a busy blog day and I have a bit of late news to announce: the North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives will be down beginning at 3 pm on Thursday, July 8th for an Archive-It update. Archive-It 3.5 will be released on that day and as a result our site will likely be unavailable into the evening on Thursday. I’ll add an update on this blog post when we are up and running again.

If you aren’t familiar with the Web Site Archives, here is a short blurb from the site’s about page about what you can find there:

The North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives (WSA) is composed of web sites created by North Carolina’s state agencies. The WSA currently contains archived web sites back to 1996, and it is updated on an ongoing basis. These sites may be viewed for free by all users. In the WSA you can find things like historically significant photographs and videos; Boards and Commissions meeting minutes; publications that were only available on the Web; and governmental policies.

Added July 12, 2010 – Looks like the Web Archives is running just fine now.