Division of Marine Fisheries Slides

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Division of Marine Fisheries Slides, ca. 1970 – 1985
The Marine Fisheries Commission and the Marine Fisheries Division have their origins in agencies established during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. North Carolina’s coastal fishing industry enjoyed a brief period of rapid growth following the Civil War; however towards the end of the century, commercial fishermen were experiencing a marked reduction in the catch rates for striped bass, shad, and oysters. By the decade of the 1890s, it was apparent that North Carolina’s fisheries and oyster beds were continuing to decline. In response, different legislatures of that era enacted laws to more effectively conserve and manage the fishing industry. The General Assembly of 1907 established the Fish Commission and directed it to report its activities to the Geological and Economic Survey Board. By a legislative act of 1927, the Department of Conservation and Development and the Fisheries Commission were consolidated. Under the Executive Organization Act of 1971, the Department of Conservation and Development and many of its components were transferred for administrative purposes to the newly established Department of Natural and Economic Resources. Under the Executive Organization Act of 1973, the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development took over such divisions as Commercial and Sports Fisheries, and the Department of Conservation and Development became defunct. In 1989 the General Assembly abolished the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development and transferred the Marine Fisheries Commission and its corresponding division to the new Department of Environment, Health, and Natural Resources. The division was placed under the department’s assistant secretary for the Division of Environmental Protection. It monitored marine fisheries resources; provided law enforcement for regulations established by the Marine Fisheries Commission; conducted scientific research; and developed artificial reefs and programs for shellfish rehabilitation. Includes slides assembled by the Office of Public Information, North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries, Morehead City, North Carolina, as a part of its governmental duties under the State Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources. Subjects include artificial reefs, reef fish and natural habitat, the Dan Moore (ship), and law enforcement. (7 volumes)