GeoMAPP News and a Chance to Name Our Digital Collections

I have digital collection news to pass along today:

For those of you interested in geospatial data, the GeoMAPP project has a newly redesigned website, a Twitter account and a Facebook page. GeoMAPP is a joint project between GIS and archival organizations in North Carolina, Kentucky, Utah, and at the Library of Congress to study ways to preserve and provide access to “at risk” geospatial content. To quote the website:

Geospatial data layers containing information about land parcels, zoning, roads, and jurisdictional boundaries change regularly. Existing copies of these data are often at risk of being overwritten when updates or changes are made and these superseded snapshots of data are then lost for future use and analysis.

Also, the North Carolina State Archives is embarking on a new collaboration with the State Library of North Carolina to jointly host some of our online collections. One thing we’ve been trying to come up with is a name that simply yet accurately describes the new website and we’d love some help from the public. If you’d like to see some of the names we’ve been tossing around amongst ourselves you can read them on the State Library’s Government & Heritage Library blog. If you have an opinion about the names listed on the blog or suggestions for other names for the new digital collections site, you can either comment on this post, at the State Library’s blog, or on our Facebook page. We would all appreciate whatever feedback you have to give us.

Addendum: You can also read more about the State Library/State Archives digital collections collaboration at the North Carolina Digital Collections Collaboratory blog.