May Day 2010

[Today’s blog post comes from the Collections Management Branch.]

The North Carolina State Archives, part of the Division of Historical Resources, collects, preserves, and makes available for public use historical and documentary materials relating to North Carolina; protecting these collections is one of our core functions. This year we are again joining in the nationwide effort to draw attention to the importance of protecting historical collections, regardless of where they are kept. This May Day we want to remind private historical societies, individual citizens, and state and local government officials that it is never too late to protect vital records. Start on May Day by selecting one thing you can do to improve the protection of your vital records in the event of an emergency. Our state’s documentary heritage is too valuable to lose. Working together we can protect these resources and ensure they are around for generations to come. This May Day start a new habit, one that you continue each year. Do at least one thing that will make a difference when and if an emergency occurs.

  • Create or update your emergency contact list
  • Review your disaster response plan
  • Conduct a disaster drill
  • Survey your building for risks and take steps to mitigate them

Good disaster preparedness plans aren’t just for offices holding official public records. Individual citizens and private historical associations need to prepare to protect their vital and historical records as well. An ounce of preparation is easier and cheaper than trying to salvage damaged records after a disaster.

We at the State Archives will be updating our disaster response plan in May and training our disaster response team on various emergency response procedures as part of our ongoing preparedness planning. We invite everyone to look at our May Day web pages to find resources on improving their disaster preparedness plans.