Social Media in the News – Guidelines for State and Local Government

Social media has been in the news quite a bit lately with the announcement that Twitter will give its archive of all public messages (or “tweets” in Twitter parlance) to the Library of Congress. If you want to know more about the transfer of the Twitter archive, the blog ArchivesNext has a list of relevant links including a blog post by the Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero, explaining the differences between the National Archives and the Library of Congress and why Twitter would fit into the collection policy of one institution but not the other.  In addition, the GovTwit blog has an interesting post on the possible records schedule implications of the Library of Congress maintaining the Twitter archive and UNC-Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science doctoral student Fred Stutzman has a post dealing with privacy in social software.

All of the Twitter at the Library of Congress discussion is an excellent introduction to the actual point of this blog post – the announcement that there are two new social media guidelines available on the Government Records Branch website: Best Practices for Local Government Social Media Usage in North Carolina (PDF) and Best Practices for State Agency Social Media Usage in North Carolina (PDF). These guidelines are in addition to the existing guidelinesBest Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina (PDF), and the online tutorial Social Networking Websites for State Agencies.