Avery and Ashe County Records Lists

New county records box lists for Ashe and Avery Counties are available on the North Carolina State Archives website, including the following lists in both Word and PDF format:

  • Ashe County Wills
  • Avery County Guardians

Newly updated versions of the Avery County Wills and Avery County Estates box lists are also available on the same web page.


2 thoughts on “Avery and Ashe County Records Lists

  1. Gale Hodgins

    While studying geneology of my family, I came across Averaborough or Averyboro, N. C. Where is this located?

  2. Ashley Post author

    This may be a question better suited to the State Library or one of our Search Room staff, but I’ll take a stab at it, Gale.

    Looking in one of my all time favorite reference books, The North Carolina Gazetteer: A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places by William S. Powell (University of North Carolina Press – my copy is the 1982 edition/5th printing), I see no mention of an Averaborough or Averyboro. I do see an Averasboro and the entry for it begins: “…formerly a town on the Cape Fear River in SE Harnett County…” There are also quite a few historical markers that mention Averasboro; you can do a search of that information at http://www.ncmarkers.com/search.aspx. There are no historical markers that mention either Averaborough or Averyboro.

    Searching in our online catalog MARS (http://mars.archives.ncdcr.gov/) reveals no results for either Averaborough or Averyboro. We do have subject headings (index terms in the catalog) for Averasboro, Averasboro Township, Averasburgh, Aversboro Township, Avery, Avery County, Averys Creek, Averys Swamp, etc.

    So it may be that what you have are phonetic spellings of Averasboro. Hope that helps answer your question.

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